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Available Products

Here is what we currently have available at the market for our Grand Opening on June 19,2024

Tomato Sauce.JPG

Tomato Sauce 

Delicious tomato sauce! Offering you four different varieties: marinara, spicy marinara, tomato and basil, or FarmStyle marinara.

apple sauce.jpg

Apple Sauce

Delicious Apple Sauce to go with any summer meal!

We have four different apple sauce flavors to offer you: plain, no sugar added, cinnamon and Honeycrisp. 


BBQ Sauce

We have an assortment of different BBQ sauce flavors! 



Similar to jam and jelly, this butter is a delicious addition to a piece of toast or some crackers. It has a smooth consistency that makes it super spreadable!

salad dressing.jpg

Salad Dressing

Salad dressing of all kinds! Garden ranch, peach vinaigrette, thousand island, Cherry poppyseed, and so many more flavors!

jams jelly.jpg

Jams and Jellies

We have a wide variety of jams and jellies for you to enjoy! 

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