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History of the Farm

Grapevine Hill Farms has been in the Gadomski family for over 91 years! Andrew’s Great Grandparents, Nicholas and Anna Gadomski, bought the farm in the spring of 1929 before the Great Depression. When they bought the farm in 1929, there was lot of rock!  In fact, there was  so much rock that when they tried plowing the fields, the plow would bounce off the ground. Therefore, the farms main product was dairy. Everything that was done at the farm was done with the help of two mules from the coal mines because they didn’t have any tractors until 1937. 

In 1937, they bought their first tractor from Davis’ Hardware when it came off the railroad in Lake Ariel. The tractor is still used today by Andrew and his father Richard! For many years after they purchased their first tractor, they had to work a 40-acre field by flipping the hay by hand with a pitchfork to dry. 

The farm has come a long way from where it was. It is now a 200-acre farm and has over 15 tractors, which are all used for various things. The Gadomski’s have expanded their merchandise to hay, pure maple syrup, farm fresh honey, and produce of all kinds. They are proud of where they started and are happy to keep the family farm going for many years to come!

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