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Meet the Farmer

Since he was a young boy, Andrew Gadomski, has been helping out at the family farm. He loved to help his grandfather with whatever needed to be done, whether it was gardening, helping in the orchard, doing hay, working on tractors, or picking berries. If it gave him a reason to be at the farm, he was there! The farm is Andrews happy place and he loves everything about it.


He has learned a lot of different skills throughout his years of helping out on the farm. 

When he was 10 years old, he started making maple syrup, with the help of his father. He started out with only 10 taps and now years later he has over 500 taps. When he was 13 years old, he ventured out a little more and got two honeybee hives to start producing honey. Now he has over 15 hives! 

He does a lot of different things around the farm, but his favorite thing about farming is watching things grow because it’s rewarding when you can see, touch, taste, and display the final product! He also enjoys being able to provide the community with freshly grown produce directly from our farm.

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